Bastard sword in SCA Combat

Thoughts on the fight

Bastard sword is an offensive form.  Getting and keeping the intitiative in the fight is a good thing.

Control the timing and distance, and you will probably win the fight.

Feints are very important.  Use your offense to put your opponent's sword or shield where you want it, and then hit the opening that has been created.

In the hierarchy of not getting hit it goes: 1) hit him first  2) avoid the strike  3) block.

There are three basic ranges: outside, midrange and close.

outside is the range where you must take a full step to be able to hit your opponent.

Mid range is where you can hit with litle to no foot work

close range is the in tight physical fight range.

You want to stay outside between engagements, hanging out in mid range is a good way to get sniped, it turns into a reflex game and makes it much harder to defend yourself. Step into mid or close ranges, or force you opponent to do so. These transition times are when most kills happen. you want to control when transitions happen so that you can take advantage of them.